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It's a bright and sunny morning here and I've already put a load of laundry on so I can hang it out to dry in the sun. I'm also continuing the experiment with my new task management setup. I now have an extra step of using Trello in between my AbstractSpoon To-Do list (which I use to capture everything I think I ought to be doing/should do at some point) and Habitica. Though there is now one more stage to the task listing, it means that I don't see ALL MY TO-DOS ALL THE TIME!!! which was making me feel overwhelmed and thus inclined to procrastinate. Next step is some proofreading of the numeracy book G is writing this summer before going out to vote Remain in the [expletive deleted] referendum.

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24/52 for the group 2016 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: X is for X-Factor

Only a few more shopping days to Xmas! We were completely baffled by the poster when we saw it, but I've at last got around to searching for the explanation. Because last Christmas in Hebden Bridge was somewhat spoilt by the horrendous floods, they are celebrating an alternative Christmas in June. I think the whole town definitely has the X-Factor!

So well done Hebden Bridge for thinking of a novel way to celebrate both getting back on your feet after such a disaster and enjoying all the Christmas goodies you missed out on last winter.

Xmas poster in June

Father Christmas in June
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I've already posted about our walk up and down the river valley, but here are some photos to give you an idea of the scenery. They're only quick phone shots, but I never bother with my big camera on holiday because a) it's heavy and b) G gets impatient if I start faffing around taking proper photos.

First here's the map of where we went.

Walk to Hardcastle Crags

I forgot to start the MyTracks app until we'd already gone a little way. You can also see where we went astray and had to back track. At least MyTracks still seems to work, despite Google terminating the app at the end of April. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the basic functions will continue to work and that it's just the recording stats online and sharing that have been shut down. As I've never used those, it's not going to bother me.

More photos behind here...Collapse )

Stepping stones

There were stepping stones across the river in many places. It seems this was the usual way to enable local workers to cross the river to get to the mills in the valley.

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I am tired now. I went to Quaker meeting this morning and then after lunch G and I attacked his study. We've pulled all the books out of one alcove, hoovered them and the alcove. It doesn't sound all that much, but there were a lot of books and they were very dusty. He's also thrown out boxes and boxes of paper. I took 3 big boxes to the recycling yesterday and there's already another two big boxes to go. It's amazing how much paper you can get rid of when you retire from teaching.

Tomorrow the alcove needs scrubbing and repainting, then the books can go back and we can move on to the next alcove on the other side of the chimney breast. The plan is then to steadily move around the room, cleaning and repainting a section of wall at a time.

Re our recent trip to Hebden Bridge, I've downloaded the photos, I hope to be able to post them tomorrow.

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Up and showered and had breakfast of organic cornflakes and banana. Then we set off to walk up the river valley to see where it took us. There are lots of little paths and tracks through the woods and we only went astray and had to backtrack once. We passed old mill buildings and a Scout campsite and crossed some really chunky stepping stones and eventually found ourselves on a forest road in what turned out to be Hardcastle Crags, a National Trust Property. We then headed back to Hebden Bridge via the track and the minor road and so did a circular route. Well, not really circular as it was up one side of the river valley and back down the other, but we didn't have to retrace our steps.

Back at the apartment, we had beans on toast for lunch (out of the selection of breakfast foods provided). I then used the wifi to catch up online while G had a nap. We have located one of the Italian restaurants and we plan to eat dinner there later.

I must say, this bluetooth keyboard makes keeping up online much easier. The tablet is great for reading the internet, but virtual keyboards, even with predictive texting, are a pain to write anything more than a few sentences. Photos, however, will have to wait until I get home and can process them.
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I'm not sure the diet is going to survive the holiday (we're away in Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire for a few days). We're self-catering but what we hadn't expected is that there was a lot of lovely food laid on in the apartment! However, I will be more active than normal, so I hope things balance out. We're also going to make our own sandwiches to take out for lunch tomorrow, so that will use some of the food without eating any extra meals.

The day started with me rushing around ironing and packing, but we left in good time. It only took 30 minutes to drive to Machynlleth, and so we had plenty of time to pay for parking at the storage centre and then wait for our train.

There was time between trains at Shrewsbury to grab a sandwich and cup of tea before catching the train to Manchester. We then successfully negotiated the tram system in order to transfer to Victoria Station where we caught an earlier train than planned. As our tickets were not for a specific train, we reached Hebden Bridge half an hour before we expected.

The Croftmill apartments are just about 10 minutes walk from the station and are absolutely delightful. The building was once an old steam powered woollen mill. Now it's been converted into about 20 two-bedroomed apartments. There's everything you need, including dishwasher and all the aforementioned unexpected food.

Hebden Bridge is slightly weird, but in a good way. You can see that it used to be a dour northern industrial Pennine valley town, but now it's been gentrified and has been taken over by coffee shops, restaurants, organic and vegetarian/vegan food shops, plus the usual plethora of charity shops. It does still boast a real old-fashioned butchers, but only one small convenience store so the natives must go elsewhere for their main food shopping, unless there's a Tesco or similar hidden away on the outskirts.

We have now explored the town, which is only small and have bought some chilled lasagnes for dinner. We'll probably eat out tomorrow but tonight we're happy to spend some time enjoying the apartment and watching TV before we have dinner.
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No further weight loss, but the 2lbs has stayed off and my weight is very steady. It probably helps that I always weigh first thing in the morning, after having peed but before eating or drinking anything. My scale is only accurate to 1 lb anyway, so minor wobbles just don't show up. For this coming week, I'll have to see how it goes. We are having a few days away in Hebden Bridge (Yorkshire), but I normally lose weight on holiday because of all the extra walking, so I'll cross my fingers that the weight either remains the same or I finally manage another small loss.

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23/52 for the group 2016 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: W is for Western

Yet another desperation shot, I'm afraid. Taken Saturday evening browsing the wine shelves of our local Co-op looking for something nice to drink with dinner. I didn't actually buy this because I was looking for a bottle of red to go with pizza, but I thought it would do for this week's theme.

Western Cape Fairtrade Chardonnay-Viognier
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Via seaivy (from spikesgirl)

Most memes are too long and I lose the will to live half way through, but this looks short enough to be fun.

The rules: No using Google
Every answer must start with the last letter of your previous answer

Name - Helen
Animal - New Forest pony
Girls name - Yvonne
Colour- eau de nil
Movie – Lion King
Something you wear – gilet
Drink - tea
Food - apricot
Item in the bathroom - towel
Place - Liverpool
Reason to be late - Lost my way.

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Today has been rather taken up with getting everything prepared for an early start and a day out tomorrow. I have (foolishly?!) registered to take a Welsh exam and I have to be at the exam centre in Aberystwyth for 9 am. As it's an hour's journey away and there's no parking at the centre itself, I have to allow time for the walk from the car park, so that means setting off at 7.30 am.

Being prepared meant filling up the vehicle with diesel. I had a surprise when I went into the garage shop to pay. It has all be extended and refurbished into a proper filling station shop. It's always had a rack of sweets and chocolate and a fridge of soft drinks plus a couple of shelves of antifreeze, road maps, tyre pressure gauges and other motoring bits and pieces, but now it's got a lot more choice. I didn't think it was that long since I last bought diesel but the transformation happened without me noticing any sign of building work.
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