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Gwynedd, North Wales, United Kingdom
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Open University - Milton Keynes England - Buckinghamshire UK
Lily Lane Junior School - Manchester England - Greater Manchester UK (1959 - 1963)
North Manchester High School for Girls - Manchester England - Greater Manchester UK (1963 - 1969)
Aberystwyth University - Aberystwyth Wales - Ceredigion UK (1970 - 1973)
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buddhism, cats, creative writing, crochet, cycling, cymraeg, dog scootering, dogs, fantasy, horses, jasper fforde, kickbikes, knitting, man from u.n.c.l.e., photography, pratchett, quakers, rats, reading, sf, teaching, walking, welsh, writing, zen
Self-portraitI have lived in Wales for about 30 years. For the day job I tutor online, teaching people to write fiction. I also write SF and fantasy. I've sold a few short stories, but have yet to sell a novel.

In May 2007 I did the Open University course on digital photography (T189) which did two things: it revived my interest in photography and made me realise that I wasn't as good a photographer as I'd thought. Since then I've joined Flickr, which keeps me on my toes and encourages me to take more and better pictures.

Current goals: to finish another novel, lose the weight that's sneaked on over the last year and start exercising again.

A Legacy of War, the fantasy murder mystery that I almost sold can be found here.

My other blog in Welsh is here.

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