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Boxing Day

We had a lovely Christmas day yesterday. There were just the two of us, but we're happy with that. I made a larger then usual roast dinner with pork, stuffing, apple sauce, roast potatoes and veg, followed by one of the Christmas puddings I made a few weeks ago. I spent a little extra on a bottle of wine and it was very nice indeed.

We had presents from the children who phoned to wish us happy Christmas and otherwise it was just nice and peaceful.

Today is Boxing Day and traditionally the day one goes out for a bracing walk, but I still didn't feel that would be wise so soon after recovering from the mild flu I had last week. I have, therefore been spending part of the day researching online about how to make documentary style videos for a project I'm planning. It's too soon to make it public, but don't worry, if I actually do manage to do it, you will be hearing about it in due course. :)

The next step is to go and experiment with my mobile phone and selfie stick to see if I can put into practice the tips I've been reading about. The next step after that will be to learn how to use the video editing software.

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