Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

A preview of my goals for 2018

It's not quite the end of the year yet and I've not done the full year review, but I do have 3 clear goals to achieve in 2018.

1) I'm going to start a vlog and post regular videos on Youtube. More about this when I do a proper SMART goal for it.

2) Finish a novel. This was supposed to be a goal for last year, but it fell by the wayside, partly due to me becoming much more involved with politics. I still care as passionately as before about the issues that got me fired up, but I need to stop letting politics swallow my life and I want to get my creative projects back.

3) Learn Spanish. I'm keeping on with improving my Welsh, but I'm curious as to how I'd get on learning a new language totally from scratch now I know the best ways to learn a language. Also Spain is sunny and warm when Wales is still dark and gloomy so it might do me good to take a short break away during the darkest times of the year. And if I did that, I'd want to be able to speak the language.

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