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Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol

For various reasons, including having the virus thingy before Christmas, I got totally behind with my alphabet photo-of the week shots. I also had trouble sticking to the topics.

Anyway, I'm counting another of my Bristol photos for week 48, though it doesn't fit the topic.

When I first heard of him, I thought Grayson Perry was just a bit gimmicky, due to his fondness for dressing up in frocks. However, after seeing some of his work in the art gallery in Cardiff, I realised that not only does he have some clever ideas but they are very skilfully executed. His favourite medium is ceramics, which is unusual for a modern artist. I'd had no idea that his work was on display in Bristol, but as we walked past the Arnolfini Gallery on the way to the Clifton Suspension Bridge, I saw that an exhibition of his work was currently at the gallery. On the way back, we popped in to have a look. Here's the gallery viewed from across the marina.

Arnolfini gallery, Bristol

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