Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Gold mines

On Tuesday, which with regard to weather was about the best day of this week, we went to find another gold mine.

Some of you may be aware of the Clogau jewellery business. They sell lots of very pretty things and they claim that all the things they make contain rare Welsh gold. Well, the nuggets that go into the jewellery came from a local mine, which is still kept open, but that wasn't where we were going on Tuesday, it was to the mine next door, which closed probably 150 years ago.

Just to backtrack for a moment, we'd also visited another local gold mine on the previous Tuesday...

This was the view from the Cefn Coch mine, which is above a village called Rhydymain.

View from Cefn Coch gold mine

See the sky? This is the sort of weather we've been having this winter. Basically, this was a "good day", or at least of the best weather we're getting at the moment.

There may or may not be any traces of gold in this rock, but this is a lump from the quartz veins that they follow down under the hills. This particular piece was found on the waste tip, so probably doesn't contain gold. :)

Quartz vein, Cefn Coch

The Vigra mine that we visited this week was from around the same period, but unlike Clogau, they stopped working it. Presumably the gold ran out or became too expensive to mine. There is still plenty of gold in the Welsh hills, but it costs more to mine and extract it than you can get for it, even with the "Rare Welsh Gold" sales pitch.

Don't fall into the hole!

Stick man in peril!

And here's what the sign is warning you about.

Adit Vigra gold mine

The weather was so grim this week that I took hardly any photos at the Vigra mine, but I quite like this one which was taken in the woods at the top of an incline on the way to the mine itself.

Vigra Gold Mine

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