Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Fractal Fern

6/52 for the group 2018 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: F is for Fractal

I really want to make an effort to keep up with the weekly theme this year and have fewer off-topic shots. I therefore hope this plant is fractal enough to count. The weather has been particularly awful recently and getting out to take photos is very difficult. However, I spotted this fern in a friend's garden yesterday and took a quick snap with my phone.

Fractal fern

I other news, I made successful Fridge Soup this morning. Fridge Soup being soup made from whatever ingredients are lurking in the fridge and larder, about to pass the point where they become unsafe to eat.

This soup contained: some left over chicken, 4 small slightly soft potatoes, a slightly soft tomato, a bendy carrot, a fresh onion, stock cube, seasoning and a handful of lentils.

It came out fine. Not spectacular, but tasty enough. But that's the problem with Fridge Soup, it can never be completely replicated. I've never had one turn out horrible and it's always at least adequate, but sometimes it turns out absolutely delicious and you know you can't make another soup exactly like it because next time the odds and ends in the fridge will be slightly different.

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