Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Shrove Tuesday

For once we actually had pancakes on pancake day. I can't remember the last time that happened. In the past it was unlikely that having the right ingredients and having enough time/energy would both happen on the right day. If I had the energy, I'd realise I had no eggs or no lemons. If I had all the ingredients, I wouldn't have the time due to G and I often having to teach evening classes on a Tuesday. If we had pancakes, it usually ended up as Pancake Friday or Saturday.

Yesterday I felt up to cooking something a bit more complicated and realised that I had flour, milk and eggs but thought I didn't have any lemons, except then I remembered that I had some frozen lemon slices in the freezer. I'd never thought to freeze lemons before but recently discovered that it was possible. Over the years I've wasted a lot of lemons that were surplus to requirements because they'd go soft or mouldy before I could get round to using them all, but now I know that they successfully freeze that won't happen again and the pancakes were very nice indeed.

This afternoon there was a short break in the relentless rain and I nipped out into the garden to remove the heavy clump of ivy from a fence post that had fallen over in the recent storms. Now much lighter, the fence post is propped up again. A temporary solution, but seeing the leaning post every time I looked out of the window had been irritating me.

There was also a short spell of fine weather yesterday. It lasted for an hour or so and I finally managed to reconnoitre the final part of a local walk I want to video as part of my Ambitious Project to start a Youtube channel. I'll explain more about the project in another post. :)

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