Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Travelling home

As is the perverse nature of British weather, Saturday dawned gloriously with a clear blue sky and the promise of a warm day. Here's the Throckmorton inn where I stayed while attending niece's wedding. I can highly recommend it. The room was comfortable, there was a good selection of food in the restaurant and the staff were really friendly and helpful.

The Throckmorton

I decided to return via a slightly more direct route, but before heading for Wales, I met our daughter and granddaughter at Witley Court. I admit that I hadn't read the web page thoroughly and assumed it was a stately home that one could go inside. As it turned out, the hall had been destroyed by fire in 1937 so was an empty ruin. However, it was still worth a visit, especially on a fine day. The gardens were lovely...

Formal flower beds, Witley Court

The fountains, now restored, are spectacular and spout water on the hour every hour.

Witley Court

There was also an interesting and very ornate church and one could visit the crypt, which was a little ghoulish, but we did go in.

I had a light lunch of a toasted tea cake in the cafe before saying goodbye to daughter and granddaughter and setting off on the long drive home. I think the driving took a total of about 4 hours. Part of the problem is that you had to keep slowing to 40 mph then 30 mph as you passed through village after village. It was all smaller A roads and not even dual carriageway, but I arrived home safely at last and now feel emboldened to venture into unknown parts, now I know the satnav phone app works so well.
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