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Will a bit of accountability help?

I used to write fiction very seriously, aiming for publication. I also did a diploma in creative writing. However, after a few years of writing no fiction at all, I want to get back to writing just for my own enjoyment. I've joined a writers' guild on Habitica and I'm going to try posting about progress in the hope that a bit of public accountability will help me finish the various novels that I started.

Writing goals for the next few weeks: My overall goal is to finish the series of fantasy novels I've been writing on and off for far too many years. So, the first step is to sort out the very messy first draft of book 1. It is such a mess that I'm going to print out what I've got so far and write scene summaries, then try to get the story into shape. It's more or less all there, but things took a couple of wrong turns about one third of the way in and that needs smoothing out. My target for getting a coherent story outline will be mid-June.

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