Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

From a couple of weeks ago


The problem with going on so many expeditions is that I don't seem to get time to process the photos and write anything about the trip before we're off on another one. Another problem is that it's all a bit samey. We climb up to some wild and desolate place, trudge around for a while looking at rocks and then descend again.

Anyway, after spending a week in Pwllheli during the "Beast from the East" cold snap, we managed to book a few days away in Ponterwyd during a very wet week. The second day out walking was the best regarding weather.

This is an off-topic photo this week because due to the pretty awful weather there was no chance to photograph anything for the week's theme of "Quality" and very few photos worth posting. Day 2 remained more or less dry, though very grey. We climbed and climbed and climbed and then negotiated a perilous path up the side of a waterfall to finally emerge on the top of wooded hills cleft by unexpectedly steep valleys. This was the view looking back the way we had come.

Wide valley, Mid Wales

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