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Terminator 3 -- some thoughts

First of all, a cut tag to avoid spoilers...

Terminator 3 is OK as long as you just leave your brain at home and enjoy the action. Really the film is one long chase. The effects -- as you would expect -- are spectacular and I didn't quite start wishing the chase would finish so something interesting would happen.

I did wonder what the film was trying to say though, if anything.

  • New technology is more powerful, more seductive, but evil? (the new "Terminatrix")
  • Old tech (the Terminator) may be obsolete, but is dependable and "good"?

I did find the ending worrying. OK, they've decided that they're not going to do the "one man can avert disaster and save the world" yet again, but is their chosen ending any better? The message seems to be "chaos and destruction of civilisation is inevitable, the leaders (political and military) will be helpless, may even have caused the problem, but it's all going to be all right. An ordinary man will find the inner strength to become leader and (equipped with a secret cache of weapons) will form a resistance movement that will engage in a desperate struggle against overwhelming odds."

It's ironic that the resistance fighters (note, these are not terrorists because they're the good guys and the machines they're fighting are clearly evil because they attacked without provocation, so forming an armed resistance is All Right, so there)

This is the first time I've ever watched a film in the cinema and then gone home and been able to watch a review of it on TV. I did disagree with Germaine Greer in one respect about the violence. It's well toned down in this film to earn it a 12A certificate. She said she found the violence inappropriate for kids. I didn't think it was too bad, in the sense that no one laughed during any of the violent bits and (though not terribly gory) violence was shown as nasty. Unlike in Jurassic Park where when I saw it in the cinema, there was a ripple of laughter when the chap is eaten by a dinosaur while he's sitting on the toilet. That, I felt was sick humour and totally inappropriate in context.

I want to write more about violence and dramatic action in stories, with respect to my current WIP and the things papersky was saying about Marys and Marthas, but I'll do it in another post and it'll have to be tomorrow now. Time to go and relax in front of the TV with G.

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