Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

What I did today

I need to write up and post about our trip to London last week, but today was taken up with the Welsh conversation group in the morning and strimming most of the back garden this afternoon. We've had a hot dry spell, so the long grass was not too hard work to cut, but rain is forecast for tomorrow afternoon, hence the pressure to do as much grass cutting as possible today.

I also had to take our Daihatsu 4x4 to the garage because I noticed that it was slowly leaking diesel. :(

Considering its age (18 years old) it does very well and we've driven more miles than usual recently. Fortunately it's the pipes that take the diesel from the tank to the engine that have corroded through and need replacing. I think that will be cheaper and easier to fix than a new tank. It does mean that we can't do our planned trip to Aberystwyth tomorrow, sadly, but actually a quiet day at home would be welcome.
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