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If only I'd thought to buy a parasol weeks ago... - Helen's journal and online home — LiveJournal
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
If only I'd thought to buy a parasol weeks ago...
A friend has recently posted about using a parasol, which inspired me to order one. Well, it's also an umbrella but it claims to protect against UV. It's light coloured and much prettier than my utilitarian black umbrella.

Of course just a minute ago it started raining and by the time it arrives, we'll probably be back to normal Welsh weather, but... it's an umbrella too! :)

Anyway, if these hot summers are the new normal, I'll have it in good time for next year.
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sartorias From: sartorias Date: July 27th, 2018 08:43 pm (UTC) (Link)
I've been carrying a silk parasol for years. (I don't own an umbrella. )
heleninwales From: heleninwales Date: July 28th, 2018 03:02 pm (UTC) (Link)
I was hoping to find a pretty silk parasol, but on reflection a dual purpose umbrella/parasol is probably more practical.
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