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Move more, eat less

After a lethargic few days in which I've been stuck on the computer intensively marking stories for the fiction writing course because if I don't get them back today, they'll be late and anyway I need to get them done because I'm in work tomorrow and need to concentrate on the day job, I did manage to get out for a brisk hour's walk today.

I just did the circuit up Cader Road, turn left at the farm at the top, along the narrow gated lane and then back down the footpath to the town. It's probably not very far in miles, but it has the long hill at the start, which is a good steady pull, but not so steep that you can't walk briskly.

It was almost dark by the time I was walking down the final stretch and I tried taking some pictures of the town below and all the lights, but I'd forgotten about camera shake on longer exposures. *g* I'll try again another time, but this time remember to rest the camera on the wall.

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