Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Barry Island

Our second day of exploring new places in South Wales took us to Barry. We caught the local train and found ourselves in a small, pleasant seeming town, which became a little weirder as we walked down the main street to find several nightclubs, closed at this time in the morning, of course.

Our walk then took us through a huge development of new houses with many more under construction. This was probably old railway land from when Barry docks was a huge exporter of coal. Now, of course, the collieries are closed and the dirty industry is gone. (More about this in my next post.)

We soon reached Barry Island or "Barrybados" as it is sometimes known, mostly jokingly. It wasn't anything like as big as I expected. From what I'd heard, I'd thought it was somewhere like Rhyl but in fact it was quite small with a lovely beach.

Here's the funfair, with a new rollercoaster being built.

Fun fair

I thought this roundabout for small children was rather jolly!


Here's a view of the beach from the headland.

Whitmore Bay beach

I'd expected much more of a dump, but it was perfectly pleasant, so it seems the main reason people are rude about Barry is because it's a big favourite with all the working class families who live in the Welsh valleys. I suspect it can get rather rough at night when the families have gone home and the younger people have been drinkng, but it looks as though efforts are being made to improve the resort's image and I hope it works because it's a nice example of a traditional British seaside.

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