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Reflecting on what I've been doing recently to cause the blood pressure to creep up again, I realised that every timetable change has squeezed exercise out of my daily routine. Last year I was good (even over the winter) and exercised every possible day, which just left Fridays as exercise-free. Each weekend day (and I have a 3-day weekend, owing to not working Mondays) I would go out for at least a 1 hour walk. If it was really really too horrible to go out at the weekend, I would put on the dance video and work out to that. The working days, I would scoot out at lunchtimes and do a short 15 minute walk around Ruthin.

But I now don't spend lunchtimes in Ruthin because the later start in the mornings on Wednesdays and Thursdays means that I'm driving to work over what used to be lunch hour. This is great for getting more sleep and being able to write before I go out, but has cut out the exercise sessions.

So, after a long hard look at the timetable, it dawned on me that I can scoot out for the 15 minute walk at the end of the teaching session instead of having a cup of tea and having a little break catching up with LiveJournal. I did this today, even though it was raining and did feel better as a result. Will do the same tomorrow too.

Photo of rainbow spotted just as I was arriving at the community centre where I teach most days.


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