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Small acts of decluttering - Helen's journal and online home
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
Small acts of decluttering
So, already today I have backed up the rest of my photos onto the external hard drive. That was a job that I'd been meaning to do for ages, but never got around to actually doing it. I've also cleared some more old papers from the chest of drawers in the kitchen that is currently just full of stuff my husband has put in there and then abandoned.

In the process I found a small patchwork project that I have no memories of starting. I hadn't got very far with it, so I've thrown the pieces away and will use the fabric for something entirely different.

In other news, it seems that Google are closing down Google+. I'd actually drifted away because though in many ways I preferred it, my friends never used it and all went to Facebook, which I hate, but if I don't check it each day, I'd lose touch with so many people.

Also changing is our local rail operator. Arriva Trains Wales have (as the name suggests) run the trains in Wales for years, but there is now to be a new franchise operating Welsh trains. I therefore need to download the new ticket app when it becomes available and will have to wait until after mid-October to buy a train ticket to spend the day in Chester at Fantasycon. Or I could buy the ticket from The Trainline. I'll have to check prices.
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