Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Learning Welsh: update

Not a bad week. I attended my usual Monday morning class and Wednesday morning conversation group. I also watched a TV programme in Welsh.

The most fun thing was on Monday it was "Shwmae su'mae" day. That's a special day that's been running now for 6 years. The idea is to get people to greet one another in Welsh (shwmae or su'mae is the Welsh equivalent of "How're things?").

This year one of the people who run Say Something in Welsh set himself the challenge of running a "shwmaeathon" and being online in a Google hangout for 24 hours to chat with whoever dropped in. I spent about an hour in the hangout altogether, done in 3 sessions. There were people joining in from all over the world. Who knew that people in America, Australia, Germany, Finland and many other countries can speak Welsh!

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