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Weekend summary

Horribly journey home from work last Friday. Very very windy and I was delayed slightly due to an accident, which turned out not to be a collision between two cars (as I assumed at the time) but was due to a tree leaping out and hitting a Landrover and a car. OK, it was actually blown over in the storm. Our daughter, A (who was coming to stay for the weekend), was likewise delayed by having to detour round floods at Machynlleth.

Saturday dawned horrible too, but we went up to see my Dad who lives on the North Wales coast and have lunch with him. A had bought food: cold meats, soup, cheese, rolls etc. which was supplemented by the salad we had in the fridge. We had a very pleasant time and my Dad was in good form, the sciatica he was suffering from at Christmas is now better. Back in time for evening meal at home while A went out to spend some time with her old friends. One friend, S, a firefighter, is getting married in the summer and A is going to be her chief bridesmaid so they had wedding stuff to discuss.

This morning, A and I went for a circular walk from the Cadair Idris car park down to the Youth Hostel, where we used to live, and then back up via the tracks and lanes. It was a good walk, though a bit scary at first because the trees were swaying alarmingly at times. The wind had not died down as much as we thought. We live in a normally sheltered spot, so it was quite calm at home, but not when you went higher to more exposed areas.

A set off home after lunch and I caught up with the OU online conferences and printed out the next block of the poetry course. This block covers small poems, including haiku and limericks. I also need to start seriously thinking about the poem for the second assignment.

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