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I try to keep my LJ politics free, but I just want to put this here...

It may seem odd that there hasn't been more of a swing against Brexit, but here's why I think it hasn't happened...

I was listening to BBC Radio 4's Moneybox at lunchtime. (It's only the fact that it's on at lunchtime just before the repeat of the Friday evening comedy show that means we're listening at all, because it's not a programme I would seek out, but I do always keep half an ear on it while we're eating.) The presenter was talking to a woman who was campaigning on behalf of women who were taken unawares that the retirement age for women is now the same as for men. She was explaining how no one knew and they hadn't been able to prepare to keep on working past when they thought they'd have retired.

The presenter said gently that he'd known and a lot had been written about it at the time in the press when the law changed, and I mentally added, "And I knew. I knew in the late 90s and I remember looking at a government online calculator which would tell you how long you had to work."

But, the woman campaigner went on, "But that was only the broadsheets and the financial papers. Ordinary working women who were busy raising families didn't read them, so they didn't know."

And you know what, it's going to be the same with Brexit. I'm increasingly pessimistic about our chances of stopping it, but if it happens, there will be howls of outrage from people saying, "No one told us the price of food would double!" or "No one told us we'd have to pay for a visa for our holiday on the Costa Brava or that the price of flights would go up so much!" and "No one told us that we can't retire to Spain any more!" And we'll say, "It was in the press. We did tell you," but they'll be hurt and enraged and say, "Well, we never saw it!" it will be the fault of our crappy tabloids and a cowardly BBC.

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