Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Bits and bobs

I am sloooowly catching up after a) Christmas b) having 57 little stories to mark for the OU fiction writing course and c) having the weird fluey illness that made me feel wobbly.

As of now, I still have just a couple of Christmas letters left to send (oops!), all the stories are marked and returned and the fluey illness, after a slight relapse this week (perhaps due to tiredness?) is more or less gone.

Work on the novel has still not quite resumed, but I'm hoping to be able to poke at it this evening while waiting for the evening class students. Then I can get it moving again over the weekend.

I don't normally do political/current affairs, but I see that Prince Harry has inherited his father's sense of good taste and diplomacy. And taken it to new and dizzying heights of awfulness. It makes comments about "slitty eyes" seem positively benign. Is this what they learn in public schools, one asks oneself?
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