Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

We flounder through the prickly gorse so you don't have to!

Another day out exploring with G yesterday, this time on Penrhyn Lleyn. We visited Mynytho to look at the granite.This entailed struggling over a pathless hill that was covered in gorse. Mostly it was only knee high, but even so our boots were full of prickles by the time we reached the path on the other side. From there we drove to Llanbedrog where we walked a little way through the woods at Glyn y Weddw to a statue on the cliffs. (Looking at the rocks on the way, of course!) Finally, we walked along the beach to look at the rocks at the far end.

St Tudwal's islands

We were still safely on the path when I took this. The small islands in the distance are St Tudwal's Island East and St Tudwal's island West.

Old windmill

Here we've started to struggle up through the gorse. The thing on the top of the hill was an old windmill. It's perfectly situated to get the wind, whichever way it was blowing.

Granite outcrop

Finally we reached an outcrop of the granite we'd come to see. The peak in the distance is also granite.

Signpost in the woods

A choice of paths in the woods at Glyn y Weddw. We took the coastal path. We'd walked past the house, which is now an art gallery. We didn't have time to visit the gallery and anyway it turns out that it's closed on Tuesdays over the winter. One day I will come here just to do civilised things like look at art and have tea in the tea rooms.

Coins & leaves

For some reason, people have been hammering coins into this tree stump.

Iron statue

This interesting sculpture stands on the cliff alongside the coastal path that runs through the grounds of Glyn y Weddw. It's overlooking the beach at Llanbedrog. The beach was more or less deserted, just a chap with a metal detector and a couple of other walkers.

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