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These are usually too long, but this one looks doable...

Marriages: Just the one!
Divorces: None.
Children: Two, also three grandchildren.
Pets: Not now. Lots in the past though. At Peak Animal we had: Two ponies, two goats, two cats, two hens. Have also kept guinea pigs, hamsters and rats.
Surgeries: Tonsils as a child and hysterectomy twenty years ago.
Tattoos: None
Piercings: Ears
Quit a job: We closed our business in the early 90s, thus making ourselves redundant. I also left one teaching job to go to another college with better pay.
Been to an island: This is an odd question for a Brit. Britain is an island, but I've also been to other islands such as Anglesey, Isle of Wight, Isle of Mull, Barra, Isle of Dogs (LOL! That one isn't an actual island any more).
What do you drive: Daihatsu 4-trak
Flown on a plane: Quite a few times. Mostly fairly short flights of a couple of hours but I've been to the USA twice and South Korea once.
Favourite drink: Depends on the time of day and the circumstances. Tea, wine, elderflower presse are current favourites, occasionally cocoa is just what I want.
Fallen in love: I don't really like that term as that's not what happened with G and I. More a growing into love.
Been cheated on: No.
Rode in an ambulance: Once as a child.
Sang Karaoke: No.
Ice skating: As a kid at the ice rink.
Been surfing: Nope.
Been on a cruise: The idea of a cruise fills me with horror. Absolutely not something that appeals.
Rode on a motorcycle: No
Own a motorcycle: No
Rode on a horse: Yes. I rode whenever I could as a child and kept horses for about 20 years as an adult.
Almost died: No.
Stayed in a hospital: Yes.
Favourite fruit: Difficult to say. Possibly peaches, also melon.
Favourite day: As I'm retired, all days are good. :)
Favourite colour: Green
Last phone call: Received -- from neighbour who is away on holiday and wanted to check all was OK at home. Made -- to step brother about a bunch of keys.
Last text: To brother, also about the bunch of keys.
Watch someone pass: Yes, unfortunately.
Coffee or tea: I loved coffee, but it doesn't agree with me any more, so it's just as well I like tea.
Favourite Pie: All pies are good, both sweet and savoury.
Favourite pizza: Classic Italian with ham, mushroom and black olives.
Cats or dogs: Both. Though I've never had a dog I used to walk one for some elderly friends. We had cats for years and they become part of the family.
Favourite season: Late spring/early summer when it's warm enough to go out without a coat but there aren't any midges yet.
Favourite Holiday: Difficult. Probably Easter because it's when the days are lengthening and there is the prospect of summer to come. Also chocolate!

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