Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

In need of a new mouse

Why are there so many subtly different types of mouse? (Computer mouse, I mean.) I've had my current mouse for some years and it's done very well, but recently the scroll wheel stopped working properly. It will still scroll up, but not down, which of course is the way you normally scroll. I've obviously just worn the poor thing out, but finding a replacement took longer than I thought because even restricting my search to Logitech, there are far more types of mice than you would have thought possible. On the grounds that I need accuracy in my mouse for photoediting, I've spent a little more on what they call a gaming mouse. I just hope that the light doesn't prove annoying. (I don't really want a mouse with a built in light show, but that's what they have!) I'm hoping that if it's designed to cope with gaming, it will cope with my usage. The cheaper ordinary mice seemed very large, according the specs on Amazon.

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