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Looking back at 2018

I am currently doing my end of year reflection and setting my goals for 2019. They're going to be much the same as last year's goals, with a few variations. I will, once again, be taking part in a Weekly Alphabet Challenge over on Flickr. I've done this for a few years and it's an interesting way of making me take photos that are not just yet more Welsh landscape. Looking back over the past couple of years, I have done better this year in that I didn't miss a single week, but also done worse because only 67% of the photos were on-topic. In past years I was hitting approximately 80% on-topic. So that will be one goal, to get the on-topic photos above 75% again. Here's the mosaic of weekly photos.

2018 alphabet photo-a-week mosaic copy

1. All together, out of the water, 2. Beautiful day, beautiful view, 3. Vigra Gold Mine, 4. Old shed, 5. Enclosed boat, 6. Fractal fern, 7. Gentle Fairy softener, 8. Glorious view, 9. Isolated beach, 10. The book of Job, 11. Ruined cottage, 12. The last cookie, 13. Majestic Hotel, Harrogate, 14. The old main road, 15. Coughton Court, 16. My bed (homage to Tracey Emin) 2 copy, 17. Wide valley, Mid Wales, 18. Tiny island, Penrhyn Llyn, 19. Straight track, 20. Police do not cross, 21. Upside down, 22. Knitted Suffragettes, 23. Mawddach Estuary, 24. eXtra large eggs, 25. Protest t-shirt, 26. Weir and bridge, 27. Bilingual sign, 28. Ciaran in Wrexham, 29. Contrasting cliffs, 30. Dusk, 31. Mortuary, Llanberis Slate Museum, 32. Eisteddfod goers refuelling, 33. Rock outcrop (above Llanfachreth), 34. Huge book, 35. Aberystwyth beach, 36. View from the summit 37. Blackberries, 38. Welsh and EU flags, 39. Mountain peak miles away, 40. Cwmystwyth lead mine, 41. Fallen tree, 42. Spot the plastic, 43. Chartered Accountant, 44. Lots of relatives, 45. Shaded circle, 46. Quartz vein, 47. Cwm Cipwrth Wheel, 48. Rainbow from study window, 49. Wind in the reeds, 50. Scottish Breakfast rolls, 51. It's almost Christmas!, 52. Brussels sprout flavoured crisps

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