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Beginning a brand new year

I've just completed the two day New Year Welsh course. It's always fun because now I'm in the top class, we don't have formal lessons and instead do a variety of activities to get us talking, reading and listening (with a little bit of writing). A lot of the same people attend the New Year course and also the Easter and summer courses, so it's good to see familiar faces and catch up. Now it's time to get back into the normal routine. I need to take down the Christmas tree today and pack the decorations away until next year. Then I need to take a long hard look at my To-Do list and actually get on with things that have been put to one side over the holiday.

I have, however, been reasonably productive in the kitchen. I made another batch of the Scottish breakfast rolls this morning and I bought two packs of chicken thighs yesterday which are now simmering slowly in the slow cooker. That, plus veg, will be tonight's dinner with enough left over to make soup for tomorrow and a couple of portions to freeze for another time.

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