Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Warm and cosy

3/52 for the group 2019 Weekly Alphabet Challenge

This week's theme was: C is for Comfortable

These sheepskin slippers are lovely and warm for cold winter evenings.

Comfortable slippers

Supposedly today is the most dismal day of the winter. Dubbed "Blue Monday" by a travel company it is a name given to a day in January (typically the third Monday of the month) claimed to be the most depressing day of the year.

From Wikipedia: "The concept was first publicised as part of a 2005 press release from holiday company Sky Travel, which claimed to have calculated the date using an equation. It takes into account weather conditions and thus only applies to the Northern Hemisphere. The idea is considered pseudoscience, with its formula derided by scientists as nonsensical."

Actually today has been reasonably productive. We had a good discussion in the Welsh class this morning. Apart from occasionally asking, "Be dy [insert English word here] yn y Gymraeg?" (What's [insert word here] in Welsh?), the conversation is now as near 100% Welsh as makes no difference.

Since then I made an impromptu soup for lunch out of some veg and a bit of chicken left over from last night and I'm now waiting for a delivery of two more Really Useful Boxes [TM] to store t-shirts in. I have 35L boxes, but t-shirts folded a la Marie Kondo only form a layer across the bottom, thus wasting storage space. The two I'm waiting for have the same footprint but are half the height.

Also coming are two certificate frames because G has another certificate he wants to hang on the wall.

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