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A couple of random things

I am mostly keeping my LJ free of politics because it makes a nice calm haven from the frantic Facebook and Twitter debates. However, I just thought I'd post this.

We were in the anti-Brexit protest that was going on outside the Labour Party conference in September 2018. There were lots of Labour party members and voters in our march and rally. In the conference, they passed a motion setting out how to proceed. Here's a well-argued article wondering why Corbyn isn't carrying out the members' wishes.

"It is true that during the 2017 election Labour campaigned to deliver Brexit. But Labour lost that election. In light of current events, the priority must be how to take the matter forward in a way that promotes the party’s goals while preserving the unity and strength of the movement.

During its 2018 general conference, it was agreed that Labour would seek to trigger a confidence vote in the government, press for a general election and, short of that, ask for a second referendum. It was also agreed that the party would do all it could to avert a no-deal Brexit. The party has delivered on the first two and it needs to do the same with the third."

The problem is, Corbyn seems to be as keen on Brexit as Farage is, so how to get the party to unite as a pro-Remain party?

Meanwhile a happier story from Wales...

It may look like a piece of graffiti to some, but the "Cofiwch Dryweryn" message ("Remember Tryweryn") painted on this wall is an important reminder of a historic injustice. Last weekend some idiot painted over it. There are now calls to protect it from vandals who think it's a laugh to cover it up.

Thankfully the memorial is as good as new again. Apparently it gets overwritten every so often, but as soon as the students at nearby Aberystwyth University spot it, it gets renewed.

Here they are in front of the restored message.


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