Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Quick update

I've spoken quite a lot of Welsh this week. There was the usual lesson on Monday morning, the Wednesday morning chat in the cafe, plus the Merched y Wawr meeting in the evening.

Then, on Thursday, I chatted in Welsh for nearly an hour with my young Skype partner in Australia. Due to time zones, we start at 9 a.m. in the morning UK time which is after work for them. It works out really well because my brain works better in the morning than late at night.

This morning we tried something a little different and asked one another questions. This might seem an obvious strategy for language practice, but the SSiW course creator pushes the "just go down the pub and have a chat" approach and I've seen people on the forum being dismissive of what they called the "evening class" method of asking prepared questions.

However, aiming for a free-ranging chat about whatever comes to mind at the time might work for extroverts who do socialising naturally and have lots of things in common that they're happy to talk about, like sport, but it doesn't work very well for introverts who find socialising difficult enough in their first language. We will therefore continue using questions as prompts because it produced a much better flow of conversation with no awkward pauses.

In other news, I won a some little daffodils in the raffle at Merched y Wawr. They're the variety tête a tête and are sprouting nicely.

Tiny daffodils

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