Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Move more, eat less

Current weight (without clothes): 8st 11lbs (123lbs)
Target weight (without clothes): 8st 9lbs (± 1lb) i.e. for non-Brits 120-122lbs
Amount of weight to lose: 2lbs

However fit you are in one activity, the minute you try another, you're using a whole new set of hitherto unfit muscles. I was reminded of this fact because today I decided to get the trusty bicycle out and go for a ride down the old railway (which is now a footpath-cum-cycleway), and boy do my legs know it! I haven't cycled for months, probably nearer a year actually. This is because I'm a fair weather cyclist and, as I don't like cycling on the roads, I tend to use the old railway which gets a bit crowded in the summer so I tend to avoid it during peak tourist season. So basically my cycling is done in spring and autumn. But today was mild, with not too much wind -- though I somehow, rather mysteriously, managed to be cycling into the wind on parts of both the outward and homeward journey.

It was nearly dark by the time I got back, but as the ride didn't involve roads, that was OK. Also the exercise did really good things to the blood pressure and I recorded the lowest readings for some time; it also stayed low for some hours, which has to be good. So I feel much more cheeful about the health again. It seems it was just laziness and slipping into bad habits that was causing the blood pressure to creep up again. Must Not Do That Again.

I nearly didn't manage to use the bike though. Because it's so long since I've ridden it, the tyres were squashy. I tried pumping them with the hand pump and decided that my puny arm muscles weren't up to it. I therefore trundled the bike to the nearby garage to use their air thingy. For some reason neither I nor the helpful proprietor could get it to pump up the tyres more than very slightly. So I trundled the bike home again and attacked it again with the hand pump. After some struggling, the tyres ended up not quite as hard as I would have liked, but they seemed just about OK and indeed they were fine on the bike run. Perhaps I ought to invest in a footpump?

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