Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

What we did on our "holiday" -- Day 2

On the Monday we did a less strenuous walk up the Llyfnant Valley.

The plan was to drive up one of the narrow lanes to the village of Pwllglas, park in the tiny village and then walk down the very narrow lane to the main road and back up to the village along a forestry track. However, there was absolutely nowhere to park in Glaspwll which is really just a small cluster of houses -- though it does have a bee breeding station. We had no choice but to drive back down to the main road where we parked in a lay-by.

The new plan was to walk up the forestry track and then back down the scarily narrow lane. As it turned out, the adjusted walk worked better than the original plan. Walking up the forestry track meant we didn't have to worry about cars and we could amble along, photographing the rock outcrops at our leisure.

Near the beginning of the walk. You can see the steep-sided wooded valley in the distance.

Near the beginning of walk

We ate our sandwiches sitting in the sun and ended up taking off our coats and sweaters because it was hot enough for short-sleeved t-shirts. This is just wrong for February, especially considering that the same week last year we were nearly freezing to death in the Beast from the East.


Once we reached the shady side of the valley as we came down into the village, the temperature dropped again. It was like entering a fridge, but the narrow road that had been a horribly scary drive last autumn was a nice walk. Total distance probably about 6 miles.

An old abandoned mine tunnel, just by the road.

Old mine

The scarily narrow road was closed to vehicles this time. Last time we visited the area my husband sent me up this road! I was terrified I was going to meet someone coming the other way because there are virtually no passing places.

Narrow scary road!

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