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Writing progress

On the novel:
Words today: 0
Words in Chapter ?? Can't even remember where I am.
Words total: still 62,000
Reason for stopping: Didn't even get started.
Other: Must get the novel moving again...

However, I did write today, hence this post. I spent the morning writing a sestina (39 line poem with strict rules about the last words of each line) for the second and final assignment for the Start Writing Poetry course I've been taking as a student. It's only supposed to be a beginner course, but it's really stretched me and even though I've written fiction for many years I've found it challenging. Apart from the Block we've just finished, that is, which was short poems, including haiku and limericks. That was fun and I felt I could relax a bit. I could also cheat slightly and post examples of haiku I've written previously. All the limericks were freshly written though.

One challenge we were set was to write a serious limerick. I don't know whether there is something intriniscally funny about the metre, but it was extraordinarily difficult to do and I'm not sure that mine was totally successful though another student did produce an excellent one.

Anyway, I plan to quickly polish the sestina this evening and then submit it, along with the 500 word reflection on writing the poem. We had been given three poems to read and had to write our poem in response to one of them. Mine is a response to Nurse's song by Louise Glück and written in the voice of the young mother. I was feeling slightly put out this morning that I had chosen a 39 line poetic form and many of my fellow students will just write a 10 line poem, on the other hand, that did give me plenty to write about in the reflection part. If I'd done a short poem, a lot of the reflection would be waffle if I tried to stretch it to 500 words.

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