Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

What we did on our "holiday" -- Day 4

Today's expedition was along the coast path, starting from Borth and walking along the top of the cliffs to Wallog. It was another really hot day. Walking in Mid-Wales in a short-sleeved t-shirt in February is definitely weird.

I'm not really a fan of cliff paths to be honest, I find them rather vertiginous, but the views are spectacular. We started from the beach at Borth. Empty in February, I'm sure this beach is busy in the summer.

Borth beach

Here's the view looking south at the headland with the war memorial.

Borth beach

In the cliffs at the southern end of Borth beach, there are some folds in the rock. Most of the photos I took last week are of rocks and they wouldn't mean much unless you're a geologist, but this is more obviously interesting.

Interesting fold

For some reason the war memorial is on the top of the cliff. According to the plaque, it was badly damaged by a thunderbolt in the mid-80s but was repaired.

War memorial, Borth

You can descend from the coast path to the beach at Wallog. There are some old lime kilns at the top of the beach which I photographed last time we were here but I don't think I got around to posting to LJ. The big house still seems to be privately owned, but the natural Sarn Wallog, was used as a jetty to bring limestone to the kilns to be burned. From there it was presumably taken by cart and sold to the surrounding farms.

This is the view looking back towards Borth.

Beach at Wallog

Though the house and grounds at Wallog are private, there is a permissive path from there to the road. It was a slightly greater distance to walk back along the road instead of retracing our steps along the cliffs, but probably a bit quicker.

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