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Writing progress

At last! At last! Some progress. *g*

Christmas really was more disruptive than I expected. I reckon we do a very low key Christmas, but getting out of the usual routine, plus having our son M home for a few days, plus having stories to mark for the fiction writing course, plus being really really tired from last term and ending up with a strange mild 'fluey illness that hung around for a couple of weeks and dragged me down more than I felt it ought to, left me unable to find the time or the enthusiasm to write.

Anyway, today any excuses I might have had have evaporated. Paying jobs are under control, other stuff can wait and I have a few days all to myself, so can work without interruption from G.

Words today: 781
Words in Chapter 14: 781
Words total: 62,697
Reason for stopping: Wrote a scenelet and the beginnings of the next scene. My sentences were becoming soggy and convoluted, so decided that I'd have a break, eat, do some other stuff and try for another session later.
Other: At least I've got back into it quickly. Fortunately I'd left myself a note with the opening words of the next scene, so I didn't have to rack my brains to remember where on earth I was and what was to happen next.

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