Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Weekly language learning update

Over in the Language Hackers' Guild in Habitica, we have a monthly challenge and one of the tasks is to post a progress report each Friday. If I remember, I'll copy them over here as well as a permanent record of what I'm doing.

Friday Hackers Meeting: I forgot to post this yesterday, partly because I was using my Welsh to write the script for my next video. This time I want to try speaking directly to camera while out filming, and I find that next to impossible when speaking Welsh. (I'm not good at it in English either and tend to babble and repeat everything!) But it's ridiculously hard while speaking another language because my brain can't cope with simultaneously thinking of what to say, maintaining a good accent and handling the camera. So I need a script. I also need to look up information about all the things I want to video and mostly everything is in English, so I have to translate.

So all that, plus the usual Monday morning lesson, Wednesday cafe chat and Thursday Skype call means that it was a good week for language practice.

Apart from the Spanish, of course. I still haven't managed to work out the best way to fit in learning a new language so it's very stop-start.

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