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Country lane in Wales - Helen's journal and online home — LiveJournal
In which an old dog attempts to learn new tricks.
Country lane in Wales
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eve_prime From: eve_prime Date: May 7th, 2019 08:58 am (UTC) (Link)
I like your icon!

(And I am imagining that our hostess is too polite to point out that she doesn't live in England, but rather, in Wales...)
lab_jazz From: lab_jazz Date: May 8th, 2019 02:20 am (UTC) (Link)
Yes my brain went on holiday. I should have written the UK and not England, cos I know that Wales is quite separate from England and that Helen lives in Wales.

In my defense, the UK isn't all that big in total and Wales would probably have its own share of lovely little villages in the countryside.

eve_prime From: eve_prime Date: May 9th, 2019 08:10 am (UTC) (Link)
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