Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Slow progress, but there has been progress

I'm currently proof reading my husband's geology book. It's slow going because it's technical language and I need to make sure that it all makes sense as well as watching out for typos, extra spaces, missing spaces and photos that haven't converted well into the PDF. But I completed Chapter 14 today, so only 10 more to go.

I have also started making notes for the next video. I was going to do Aberystwyth and ride on the cliff railway, but another chap who posts on the SSiW forums just did an Aber video and though mine would be very different, it would look as though I was either copying or trying to compete, which I'm really not because his videos are an entirely different style to mine.

I have therefore decided to do Blaenau Ffestiniog and the Ffestiniog Railway later this month. All the preserved steam railways should be running full timetables from now on. They sometimes close down entirely in the winter, or run just as weekends, so I need to do as many of these in the summer as possible. The mainline trains, of course, run all the year round.

Here's a photo from a walk we did up to the quarry back in 2017. The photo is included in my husband's book suitably annotated to describe the geology. This is where I plan to start the next video. Quite dramatic, don't you think?

Maen-offeren quarry

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