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Move more, eat less

The weather is grey and cold and rainy, not at all conducive to exercising outside, but I am determined to keep up the exercise. So I started belly dancing again.

I normally work Fridays, though I don't have any classes to teach, but I'd changed my day off in order to drive G to the station in the evening. Yesterday, during the morning, I was washing and drying clothes, and didn't want to leave things unattended, so while G was teaching in the college[*] I put on a CD and did half an hour's dancing. Today I dug out the video and started working on it a bit more seriously. It's good fun, especially now I have the scarf with all the little metal discs on it to tie around my hips and which jingles beautifully when I wiggle.

[*] My belly dancing so far has been done strictly in private.

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