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St Fagans Museum

We're off to Cardiff again tomorrow and I haven't posted about last week's trip. The reason for two trips so close together is because G has a small part-time job as the principle examiner of an examination board with head offices in Cardiff. Most of the time the job involves very little, but at this time of year he's busy with exam marking and also there are meetings for moderation. Once these are over the job will go quiet until the autumn when they write the new papers for the following year's exams.

Anyway, G had one day of meetings last week, but we added a couple of extra days so he could visit a couple of places of interest.

The first place we visited was St Fagans National History Museum (currently shortlisted for the Art Fund Museum of the Year award). This is situated a few miles outside Cardiff in the village of St Fagans, so we had to get a bus there. Unfortunately the bus station was demolished during the redevelopment of the area near the railway station and at the moment bus stops are scattered around the centre, making it very hard to find the bus you need. We went up and down the street the number 320 bus was supposed to depart from, without finding the right bus stop. But then we stumbled on the little bus (less frequent) that goes right to the museum. So that was all right.

Here are some views of the castle and museum.

As you can see, it's not a normal museum. It is a collection of buildings rescued from various locations in Wales. The weather wasn't too good on the day we visited, so I didn't take many photos.

St Fagan's castle

This time we did manage to get to look inside the castle. I've been to St Fagans three times before, but the castle is at the furthest point from the entrance. Once it was closed, I think there was a special event on. Last time, last summer, it was pouring with rain and the grandchildren were tired, so we only got to the lake. But we did get to look around this time.

This is the estate office. It looks as though they have stuffed a pet bunny!

Estate office, St Fagans Castle

One of the preserved cottages. They are all usually open to the public and they're furnished in the style of the period.

Cottage, St Fagans

Some of the most recent buildings have not been relocated but are replicas of very ancient buildings that didn't survive. This is the interior of what they think Llewellyn's court would have been like.

Llywelyn's Court, St Fagans

This is more genuine in that when they dismantled the old church to move it to South Wales, they found traces of wall paintings. Here's the church interior...

Old church, St Fagans

And here is the exterior...

Old church, St Fagans

Here's a link to another photo I took of the same church when I visited in 2010.

I still haven't seen everything. There are displays indoors in the modern building near the entrance, but G wasn't interested so I may go back on Friday to see the textiles and other things.

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