Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Castell Coch

So on the Wednesday, G was in meetings and I wandered all over Bute Park, Pontcanna Fields and as far as Llandaff fields and also met our son for lunch. I also shot some video which I have started to edit for my YouTube channel, but I'll have to finish it when I get back.

I was pleased that the new lapel mike worked well, complete with little furry cover to cut down wind noise. Downsides, I messed up a few shots because I was switching the video off when I thought I was switching it on. The virtual on/off button on the video app on the phone is not as clear as it might be. Also the selfie stick broke. The bit that holds the phone wasn't really big enough and it was stretched to its fullest extent. However, I do have the small bendy tripod (a cheaper version of a Gorilla Pod) which will probably be better. Making videos is still something of an experiment.

Anyway, onwards to the Thursday...

I used to glimpse Castell Coch from the A470 (the main N-S road) whenever I took our daughter (and then later our son) down to university in Cardiff. But at the time, I never got to visit. We did get there last year, only to find it closed for maintenance -- I know, we should have checked the web site! But we did admire it from the outside and also explored the grounds.

This time the scaffolding had gone and we got to look around inside using the Cadw memberships that our daughter bought us for Christmas.

Castell Coch

It is an extremely rich Victorian's idea of what a medieval castle looked like. To be fair, the third Marquess of Bute and his architect William Burges did research as best they could and reconstructed the castle that had once been a 13th-century castle used as a hunting lodge by the ruthless Marcher lord Gilbert de Clare.

There were audio guides available, which were very informative. We opted for the Welsh version and I'm pleased to say that I understood almost 100%.

And so tomorrow we're off to Cardiff again, but this is more of a flying visit. If our daughter isn't free to meet up for a chat, I'll return to St Fagans to look around more slowly on my own while G is in his meetings.

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