Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Catching up

I have been neglecting LJ because I have just completed an amazing four day Welsh summer school.

We spent 5 hours a day speaking nothing but Welsh and yesterday was 6 hours because we walked into town as a group and had lunch together in a cafe -- and just kept on speaking Welsh together!

So now I have about 10 days to get on with Useful Stuff before we have another trip away to South Wales. My plan is to spend the week attacking the garden. It's like a tiny overgrown field at the moment, but after years of not being sure what to do with it (other then cut down the grass and weeds to keep it vaguely respectable), I now have a plan of what I want it to be like.

Step 1 will be to take "before" photos.

In other news, if any of you watch the Supervet programmes on Channel 4, my daughter's dog Loki features in next Wednesday's episode:

"One-year-old ridgeback Loki has always been lame because of a developmental disease in the ankle joint of one of his back legs. His owner opts for surgery to treat the problem, but just as challenging as the operation is the lengthy recuperation period. Loki is much too boisterous to take such a thing lying down."

Everything went well and Loki is fully healed now. He just has to build up strength in the leg that was operated on.

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