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Annibyniaeth / Independence

I must stop obsessively reading Twitter and, as a result, neglecting LJ. Though it's not just the fact that I feel compelled to keep up with the latest Brexit news in Twitter, we were away for a week in South Wales. I haven't processed those photos yet, but I'll see if I can do that tomorrow. In the meantime, here's what we did yesterday...

We had a day out in Caernarfon. We were going to the AUOB/Yes Cymru Welsh independence march and rally, but as we had been given Cadw memberships as a Christmas present from our daughter, we decided to go in the morning, have a look round Caernarfon castle, then have a sandwich for lunch before joining the march.

The plan worked well and though it's been some years since I've visited Caernarfon, I remembered the way to the car park. I'll post castle photos tomorrow, but here is the march. Apparently 8,000 attended, a big increase on the 3,000 who went on the first one in Cardiff.

Brexit has really sparked interest in Welsh independence. Though Wales voted, marginally, for Leave, since then as the truth about Brexit has emerged, people have realised what a disaster it will be for Wales, in particular Welsh farming.

Of course we're always told that Wales is "too small and too poor" to be independent, but we're poor as a part of the UK, just like Ireland was when it was ruled by England. As one of the speakers at the rally said, "If you try to find a Facebook group dedicated to Ireland rejoining the UK, you won't find one." Countries that gain their independence from England never want to rejoin.

The march passes through the gate in the old town walls.

AUOB Cymru march, Caernarfon

The statue of Lloyd George proudly waving the Welsh flag and supporting the "Annibyniaeth" (Independence) banner while Glaswegian comedian Hardeep Singh Kholi speaks at the rally.

AUOB Cymru march, Caernarfon

The Annibyniaeth and Independence banners flying from the balcony of Caernarfon Castle.

AUOB Cymru march, Caernarfon

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