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Move more, eat less

Today was a clear, dry, bright winter's day, so I had no valid excuses whatsoever to prevent me going out and exercising outdoors. I attacked the bike tyres again with the pump and managed to get them a bit harder, then set off down the old railway.

The sun was so low, barely clearing Cadair Idris, that as I rode it was flickering through the trees and flashing red across the vision of one eye. The cold nipped my fingers and stung my cheeks, but it was good to be out and moving. I cycled for half an hour, then turned round and came back the same way. There is a circuit I could have done, but that would have taken too long as I had things to do when I returned.

The legs were wobbly by the time I reached home, so the cycling muscles are not yet toned, but again it did good things to the blood pressure. It's a relief to discover that the slight rise during November and December was merely due to me getting lazy about the exercise.
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