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So far this week...

I made good progress on the novel on Sunday and Monday: 1090 words and 1293 words respectively, according to my Lenient Word Count. (Lenient Word Count is any progress at all on the WIP. In this case it was mainly hand-written first draft, plus some typing up. Strict Word Count is just words actually typed up.)

Tuesday was spent up at the peat bog again with G and 3 of the M.Sc. students. The weather forecast had said it was likely to be "the hottest day of the year", but after a very hot climb (I must be getting fitter, the hill doesn't take so much out of me as it used to) the sky clouded over while we were floundering about on the bog. We split into two groups. Three of the students went off with the geophysics stuff and F and G and I squelched off with the theodolite and measuring pole to survey the heights of the dip wells dotted about the bog. This was exhausting work and progress was slow. Also, I had stupidly left the bottle of water back at base camp by the bigger borehole (where the water level is being continually monitored). Dehydration might have been the reason I occasionally felt a little light headed.

Once we'd surveyed 3 wells, we realised we weren't going to get around them all, so G and F went off to sink a few more, while I went on strike and moved off the bog to sit by the gap in the wall leading homewards. First I did more critiquing of a friend's novel and then continued reading Jane Eyre. It seemed terribly appropriate. It's just the sort of wild scenery the Brontes seem to love. In fact it's a pity I wasn't a few chapters further on and reading the part where Jane runs away from Thornfield after the revelation that Rochester is already married and sleeps on the moor. At this point the sky went very black and there were a few rumbles of thunder. But there were only a few drops of rain, then the storm passed over. However, when we finally got back down to the main road, it had obviously rained hard there, yet at home everywhere was dry. Such a variation in so small a distance.

Yesterday, apart from wrestling with the up-and-over garage door that unaccountably went SPLANG! BOINNNGG! GRUNCH! and then hung all askew when I opened it, I didn't do very much. I did finally work out how to get the door back into position, though the first attempt failed because I'd wound the supporting wire the wrong way around the spindle. Also I ironed and ironed and ironed and finally got rid of the pile of clean clothes that has been hanging around the conservatory for ages.

Today was a Not Doing Much day as well, though I did take a bag of clothes (ironed yesterday) to the Red Cross charity shop. These are the ones cleared out of my wardrobe as they're now too big. Well, they've been too big for 9 months or so, but I've finally convinced myself that the weight is going to stay off and the clothes will not be worn again. Other than that I failed to by G a new tie of the kind he wants and also didn't buy a guestbook for daughter's wedding. I did, however, finish reading Jane Eyre, so can now start reading Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair and understand what it's about.

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