Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

One sentence a day

I've just joined a challenge on Habitica to write one sentence a day in some sort of journal. I intend to use LJ, which I've been rather neglecting and posting infrequently.

I may not make every post public and usually after writing one sentence I'll probably carry on a write more, but I used to find LJ was really useful for looking back to find out, for example, when I did certain tasks in the garden or made jam or bought a big item or had a day out. It's likely that most of the posts will be pretty mundane. I leave my political thoughts/rants to Facebook and Twitter.


Yesterday I strimmed 2/3rds of the grass in the back garden. I hope to finish the other third today. If I have the energy, I will mow the front grass tomorrow, but otherwise I will do what will probably be the last cut of the year whenever we next get a couple of dry days.
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