Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

What I'm reading

I'm finding it very difficult to concentrate on fiction these days. Partly it's because I'm finding it harder to lose myself in a book like I could when I was young, but mostly it's because I spend so much time these days following political debate on Twitter and Facebook.

I really long for the day when politics becomes boring again.

But I logged into Goodreads yesterday. I'd more or less forgotten that I have an account, but someone "liked" an update I did a few years ago and I got the notification email so I logged in to see what I'd put on there. As well as the books I've read, I found about 25 books on my "Want to Read" shelf.

I was baffled. I don't own these books, other than a couple of the titles.

I started deleting books I didn't recall adding and no longer had an interest in reading and then I remembered that I'd been using it to record books that people had mentioned and recommended. At one time I would have rushed to buy them right away, and then they'd have sat in a pile making me feel guilty, but I could happily delete everything from the virtual shelf and now there are just two left.

So the books I'm actually reading are Llyfr Glas Nebo (The Blue Book of Nebo) Welsh SF and a comic fantasy by Heide Goody and Iain Grant Exit the Dragon. I've enjoyed several of their books previously and this one is not disappointing.

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