Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Getting Stuff Done

Today I put 5 things on my To-Do list. One was a "Must do", which is go to a concert tonight, and it will get done in due course. The others were things I aimed to do. Of that list, I have done 1 thing.

However, on my "Things Done Today" list on Habitica (which I will tick off shortly to get gold and xp!), I have 5 things.

The things I have done are all useful things, but they are not the things I said I would do. All hail the power of Structured Procrastination!

I read Perry's humorous essay years ago and realised that I had been practising the technique for decades. I'd sort of forgotten about it because now I'm retired and no longer studying any formal courses with assignments with deadlines, there are few things that must be done. But without the threat of a deadline, things can sit on my To-Do list for years.

Anyway, I have readjusted my task management system slightly (yet again) and so today I found myself looking at the short list of tasks that I'd picked out to do and then immediately started browsing through the long list of things to do in order to find something that appealed more. I mean, it doesn't actually matter which order I do things in.

And now I must see if I can fit in one more thing before stopping to cook an early dinner...

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