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Keeping up the blogging

Yesterday and today were mostly spent just sitting around reading the internet with occasional bursts of useful activity.

Yesterday morning I took the Daihatsu for a good wash at the garage and this morning I wiped down the interior to get rid of dust. All it needs now is a thorough shaking of the floor mats and vacuuming the floor and it will be ready to take to the garage in part exchange for the new Skoda Yeti. I haven't bought a new car for nearly 20 years. I bought my beloved red Astra in 2001 when I was still teaching in Ruthin and had a 1 hour's commute to work. When we decided we didn't need two cars, I started driving G's Daihatsu, so it's never really felt like mine. I hope I can grow to love the Yeti.

Other things done: a pile of ironing while listening to the Say Something in Spanish Challenge no. 6.

Not done: make soup with the chicken stock I made yesterday from the carcase of the roast chicken; tested G's program.

Just another random thing, G is a member of the Geological Society and so gets their publication Geoscientist. They have quite an amusing cartoon in each issue. This might amuse any of you who have taken part in academic conferences. When G was still actively doing research, I used to go to conferences with him and at one conference, I think it was in Latvia, I got volunteered to introduce a speaker and make sure things ran to time. The woman speaking kept disregarding my signs that her time was up and I really felt like doing this:

IMG_20190929_143902 conference talk overrun copy.jpg

The cartoonist has a web site here with other strips from the Geoscientist.

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