Helen (heleninwales) wrote,

Earlier today I had a topic to write about, but now I've forgotten what it was

I had a nice topic for a short LJ post and then I went to a 2 hour Welsh class and consequently forgot all about what I was going to say.

Oh, possibly it was the ID badges. Yes, I think that was it.

Previously the very small local tertiary college where both G and I used to teach was never too fussed about security. There are at least 5 doors into the building and visitors were expected to turn up at reception to sign in. But this year, when our Welsh class returned for a new academic year, we were told we also had to sign in.

Now previously we were registered as part-time students and that was fine, but the Welsh For Adults courses are not actually run by the local college, they are run by Bangor University who presumably hire a room off the local college. For some reason, the college has tightened up on security, is making everyone (staff and students) wear badges on lanyards and they decided that as we adults weren't registered on a course at the college, we all had to sign in as visitors.

Every week.

I wasn't too bothered because I knew that long before we lost patience with the palaver, the office staff would get fed up of signing in 20-30 "visitors", all arriving in a group. So today we signed in for the 3rd time but as we returned our badges after the lesson ended, we were given new permanent ones. :)
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